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Seasonal services

Perishables such as citrus and deciduous fruit follow the seasons and so do some of our services. Seatrade has a vast experience in the transport of seasonal commodities.

Citrus fruit includes oranges, clementines, mandarins, grapefruit, limes and lemons. We take citrus a.o. from South Africa to the USA, the Mediterranean, the Northern Continent and Russia, from Argentina to Europe, from Spain and Morocco to the US East Coast.

Deciduous fruit is a collective term for fruit that grows on plants/trees which lose their leaves every year in autumn and includes pome fruit (apples & pears), stone fruit (e.g. peaches, cherries, mango, avocado) and grapes (berry fruit). We carry these commodities e.g. from Argentina to the USA, the Mediterranean and Russia, from Chile to the USA.

In the office as well on board we have specialists who are familiar with the USDA regulations, which apply in some of the above trades.


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